Getting Xbox 360 games free soon becomes a quest for many a gamer who wants to keep up with the latest software titles without spending a penny. But can this really be done without paying a different kind of toll?

When gamesters get bored with the games they possess, rather than spend top dollar at the mall, many consider a different move, which is to open up their console to carry out a hardware modification that will allow the Xbox to accept copied discs. Such a “mod” is plain easy to do, but it’s an irrevocable step and one that will void your warranty in a heartbeat, so you should think long and hard before doing it.

Once you “mod” an Xbox, the way is theoretically clear to downloading Xbox 360 games free from all sorts of websites. This seems like an attractive option, but there are many dangers. In the first instance, these downloads are illegal, and persistently downloading could land you in legal hot water in the future. Secondly, the websites themselves are not always trustworthy and in some cases have been known to propagate viruses and spyware that infect your computer.

If you prefer to play it safe, a much better way to get Xbox 360 games free or very cheap is to sign up with offers websites that reward users with “credits”. Once you have built up your credit total, you can redeem it against Xbox games. This is a much cheaper way of obtaining games than buying them at regular stores.