News has come to light that a remarkable Xbox 360 free offer is doing the rounds on the internet. The question many people are asking is whether or not this is 100 per cent legitimate or just another scam.

First of all, it has to be accepted that the old Xbox is dead in the water. This dinosaur is destined for deep landfill. The only thing that is keeping it alive is that there are plenty of enthusiastic gamers who cannot afford the purchase price of the new Xbox 360 model. Having said that, if there was a route to getting this baby free or very cheap, many folks out there would welcome it.

Enter the Xbox 360 free offer, which is an impressive website scheme. At first, it might seem worthy of being dismissed by everyone as a mere scam, but a closer examination of the facts does not bear this out at all.

To get all the vast benefits of this offer, consumers must fulfil certain requirements. That means registering on one of a number of websites that are offering the Xbox 360 reward scheme. Once you have registered your details, the next stage involves participating in various offer and subscription trials online. There’s nothing sinister about this and, provided you play the right cards, you need not expend lots of cash in the process. The good news is that you will soon meet the terms of the Xbox 360 free offer and receive a brand new console worth hundreds of dollars!